Using Twitter to Stay Informed About Current Events

I have had a twitter account for a couple years but was not using it regularly until this class began. Since class began this week I have been checking it daily. I have been spending most of the time exploring rather than tweeting as I am still trying to get more familiar with it. But in the short time that I have been exploring I am feeling more connected and informed about current events by just scrolling through my twitter feed. I had no idea the convenience this had and how quickly I can be informed about what is happening in the world.

If you ask my friends they will tell you that I never seem to know a lot about current events or what is happening around the world. I would go so far as to say I often feel embarrassed that I’m not aware of these issues and I often wish I would take more time to be informed. I think it is important to be “in the know” especially as an educator. I want to be able to have engaging conversations with students and colleagues about things that matter. I am already feeling more confident in myself and my ability to share and be aware of these things. For example just last night I was talking to my boyfriend about the story of Ahmed and his clock. He had not heard of it and I was excited to be able to share a trending news story that I had learned about on twitter. #IStandWithAhmed see that- I just hashtagged! I am getting good at this aready!

On the same topic- I did a lesson with the Grade 8 students this morning about different forms of news media. Though many of them knew about twitter, they didn’t know how it could be used for sharing news stories and current events. I would like to try using it more in the classroom.

What are some advice or ideas you have to offer a new twitter user on implementing twitter in the classroom (specifically in regards to current events)? What are some of the benefits? What do I need to be aware of? Any help would be appreciated!


One thought on “Using Twitter to Stay Informed About Current Events

  1. kdimini says:

    What a great post! I can connect with you about having Twitter and not using it. I signed up for my account about 8 years ago in my #ecmp455 class. I was fully engaged in using it and found it extremely useful during that time, but then when I got into the classroom and the realities of teaching set in, I fell off the Twitter wagon.

    Luckily in the past year or so I started back on Twitter and found it extremely helpful in keeping me connected with teachers and current events.

    It would be interesting to use this in a grade 8 classroom to help them connect and explore current events. It’d be relevant and help students use tech as digital citizens. Let me know how it works out!



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