Going Viral

This past week I had the opportunity to take the Grade 8 class on a field trip to Global Regina. The purpose of this trip was for students to learn more about how news broadcasts are created, how green screen videos are created, and everything else involved within the control room of a TV station. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time since I am taking this course and learning more about media literacy and connecting online. While being at the station, I was constantly taking photos and videos of the students and posting them on the school instagram page or texting them to parents. I was also tweeting from my personal account to the news anchors and other individuals from Global and sharing photos and information from our trip. While I was doing all these things I kept thinking how awesome it was that I could share this experience digitally with the people who were not on the trip with us.

I was not the only one connecting online while the tour was happening. The news anchors were taking selfies with the students and tweeting/facebooking about our visit. It was just so neat to see the endless possibilities and how we were able to extend our in person visit to the virtual world. I don’t think I would have had a true appreciation for these opportunities if I was not taking this class and constantly trying to look at situations from a media lens. I know it gave the students a stronger educational experience and their parents loved it because they could feel like they were a part of the experience their child was having.

But wait… The story keeps getting better!

The students had the opportunity to do the noon weather forecast. It was so much fun for the ones being on set as well as the ones in the control room who were giving cues and running the teleprompter. The students were so engaged and were learning so much. I don’t know if I have ever felt that much energy coming from a group of students who were just so excited to be able to have this learning experience. I was trying to video the tv screens so we could have the footage of their weather forecasts and share them with others. Little did I know just how many people we would be sharing this with.

The producers created a mashup of all the students forecasts (They even snuck me into the mix-the students insisted that Miss Scuka do a weather forecast of her own. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I became a teacher because my weather girl skills are lacking). They posted this video to facebook so of course we were excited to see it and started sharing it ourselves. Then we noticed the number of views. The first time I looked it was about 5pm that same day and the views were already at 4K. By the next day it 6K and kept steadily rising throughout the day. As I am writing this it is exactly  7,745 views. I cannot even wrap my brain around the fact that almost 8,000 people have watched this video in a matter of 24 hours. Again, it makes me realize the power that social network/media etc. has. It also gets me thinking and asking a lot of questions. Who are the people watching this video? Where do they live? What are they thinking? Are they learning anything from watching us? Is the number going to continue to grow? What does this mean for my students? What does this mean for me as educator? I have all these questions and it just makes me more interested and more curious. It is just another experience for me to learn on this journey of media literacy and makes me realize how passionate I am about learning more.

And now of course…. Here is our video: (Another learning curve for me- embedding videos into my blog!)


3 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. Jeannine Whitehouse says:

    Amy this is so AWESOME! I saw the feed from two different people on Facebook… a colleague Lindsay Morhart (which didnt surprise me) but my daughter actually reposted it and she had no significant connection other than she found the story interesting! What a great opportunity for the students and a wonderful experience for you!


  2. rochellerugg says:

    What an amazing experience for everyone involved! We did something similar at CBC last year and it was a lot of fun! The fact that it has been viewed so many times is staggering! I agree – who is watching it and what are they learning? Is it inspiring someone to become a meteorologist, and journalist or a behind the scenes camera person? And how does this impact the students who are now “out there” and being viewed so many times? What are their thoughts and has it changed their perceptions of power of social media?


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