Recommended Channels for Teachers #edtech

I have been spending some time exploring youtube channels that relate specifically to teachers and #edtech. Here are some of my recommendations. Check them out, and if you have any other favorites that you would like to share comment below!

Edutopia– If you’re like me and you already love everything about edutopia then this channel is for you! Great, innovative, and interactive ideas for teaching from real teachers. So many things to explore on this channel!


Ted Ed– Great videos to use in your classroom. The best part is they have a complete lesson to go with them! Everything from science to math to ELA, they also have Ted talks for youth and kids.


Common Sense Education– Very relevant to #eci832. All about digital citizenship and media literacy. I could spend hours watching these videos. The resources are great for teachers, but they also have videos for different age groups to teach about digital citizenship and media literacy in age appropriate ways. Awesome!


Flocabulary- If you have never used a flocabulary resource and you teach in the upper elementary/middle years range then you are missing out! I was very excited to find they have a youtube channel. They take concepts and create rap lyrics and videos to teach them, all from a range of subjects. Here is one of my personal favorites:


Hopefully you can take something from one of these channels. I am learning how valuable of a resource YouTube can be for teachers. Stay tuned for more resources! And please share your suggestions in the comments. Happy Youtubing!




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