Final Reflections

 This will be my last post relating to my major project. I am going to try and be completely honest about my reflections throughout the project and  summarize some key ideas.

When I initially chose my topic I was very eager and excited. My first hours spent on the project were exciting and I was doing a lot of exploring. However, when the time came to start narrowing what I was looking at and trying to pick pieces of information to share, I became very overwhelmed. YouTube was a very broad topic and there seemed like a million different directions I could have taken it. Once I had decided some of my sub topics, I had an easier time because I had a focus. But each time I had to choose a new sub topic, I felt overwhelmed again. Looking back on my project, I am happy with the things I focused on and the things I learned. But it was not an easy 50 hours!!

In the beginning I looked at some of the fun things that initially intrigued me. I did some quick research on a couple of my favorite videos and learned how YouTube came to be owned by Google.

My next step was the “dry” part. The copyright, policy, terms and conditions etc. It ended up taking much longer than I thought because each time I focused on one of the categories, it opened up an endless number of other tabs and I sometimes found myself lost in all the information. But through this struggle I managed to post a couple entries that summarized (what I thought) were the most important points. I learned a lot about creative commons and copyright through reading this information.

During the Paris attacks, I learned how useful YouTube can be for keeping informed about current events. I turned to YouTube for updates, news broadcasts, and the latest videos. I will definitely be using it as a tool for current events in the future.

I focused on a couple YouTube personalities and how they have created these online identities and are now making a living from their YouTube channels. I was very fascinated by this and found it very interesting that something like this is even a possibility.

A spent a big chunk of time on trying different channels for teachers and students. I was very happy and excited about some of the resources, while some were a letdown. For example, I was sharing TedEd with all my coworkers the next day because of the endless resources it offers. While the #Education tab seemed like it would be a great tool, I found to be very limited.

Lastly, I read some of Henry Jenkins work that focused on YouTube and participatory culture. He offered some perspective and even painted a picture of what participatory culture looked like before YouTube was around.

In closing, I feel much more informed about YouTube and have been using my account more effectively. I have subscribed to channels and have creating playlists, I even uploaded a video for my summary of learning. I plan to continue to use it as a tool more often in the future. I also know many of my students spend endless hours on YouTube so I feel more informed and aware of what types of things they are doing on there. I hope some of my research is useful for my peers and others who are looking to learn more about YouTube.

I will leave you with the YouTube Rewind 2015 video! A video created by YouTube that highlights key people, songs, and videos from the past year. Enjoy!


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