Reads by Amy-Week #3

This was a revolutionary week for me! I spent some time reading online and looking for suggestions on how to build your blog community and followers. I found some tips that really helped me and I would recommend checking this article out if you are looking to expand your blog community:

How do you REALLY build a blog community? A love story. 

As I was reading through these, I realized I was missing a few key components. The biggest one was that I was not connecting with other book bloggers. I never would have thought to do this but it makes a lot of sense. I am trying to connect with people who share this passion of mine, so I need to be interacting with them by following their blogs and commenting on their reviews. I have found a handful of blogs to follow this week, and I have really enjoyed looking at other people’s #bookblogs and am learning a lot and getting some new ideas.

This week I also spent some time getting myself more “in the loop” with the book blogging community. There were a couple terms that kept coming up on blogs or instagram that I was not familiar with:

bibliophile– a person who loves or collects books

TBR- “to be read” meaning books you want to read, but have not yet read

I am also finding that there is a large community of #booklovers and #bookbloggers on instagram, but the majority of them are younger people more interest in young adult fiction. They are great accounts to follow for ideas and while I do read some young adult novels, but I am trying to find more people on instagram that are a bit older and read more adult fiction. I think since instagram is typically a platform for younger people, it only makes sense that a lot of the people sharing their love of reading on instagram fit that demographic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.51.11 PM

New books on my TBR list (now that I know what that means!

If you haven’t checked out my Reads by Amy blog, please have a look and let me know if you have any suggestions for me! Here are my current stats:

Instagram: followers-49        following-128

Blog: followers-10          hits-273

Twitter: followers-18       following-28




2 thoughts on “Reads by Amy-Week #3

  1. Nicole Reeve says:

    I am reading Why Not Me – Mindy Kaling right now and loving it! I had never watched The Office or The Mindy Project but a girlfriend of mind suggested the book and I am so glad that I picked it up. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.


    • Amy says:

      I just started it the other day! If you like this one you should definitely read her first one too! Her sense of humour is just so honest and relatable. I have become a fan of hers after reading her books! Stay tuned for my review! I am about half way through Why Not Me.


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