I Thought I Knew Snapchat

This week I chose to reflect on snapchat. I have been on snapchat for a couple years, but rarely use it. The odd time I will send a funny picture to one of my close friends, but I have never posted a story and really only use it when I look at snaps someone else sends me (I probably don’t get more than 1-2 per day). Honestly, after reading about how often other people (specifically teens) use it, I am somewhat ashamed of my lack of snapchat use. My current score after being on it for about 3 years? 3, 734


Even though I’m not on it regularly, I always thought I knew all there was to know about it. Turns out there is way more than I ever knew!

So why snapchat? What is it that makes it such a popular platform for communicating? Al Juliani states in his article, The Complete Guide to Snapchat for Teachers and Parents:

“In short, Snapchat is different from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because it is not built on likes or content that drives traffic to another website (although that is changing a bit). It is built on sharing moments and live events.¬†Because it is built on these beliefs, it is very relational and not as spammy or focused on selling/marketing/advertising.”

It seems I still have a lot to learn, such as the discover section of snapchat, which I have never really looked at because I didn’t get it. Turns out it looks like a pretty useful way to stay updated on whats happening in the world.

How often do you use snapchat? What do you use it for? Comment below!


One thought on “I Thought I Knew Snapchat

  1. ashleypmurray says:

    I’m even worse than you are…I have a score of 532 after somewhere between 12-18 months. I am sure I had it downloaded for a few months before I even used it. I actually downloaded it and ended up deleting it because I thought it was pointless. I started using it again because a lot of my friends use it so I like to see their snaps. I mostly like to see the silly snaps they send. I sometimes use it, but as you can see by my score it’s on a rare occasion. I have been trying a little more to use it lately, but I’m still not even completely sure of the ins and outs.


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