Reads By Amy- Update

It seems I have been slacking on my weekly blogging about my Reads by Amy blog! Oops…

As of Sunday February 28th here are my stats:

Blog- 421 views       13 followers

Twitter-  21 followers      31 following

Instagram-    59 followers     140 following

My favorite part of this project has been writing the actual book reviews and having people comment on my blog. I have connected with a few other book bloggers with a similar taste in books and have been able to interact with them and get some ideas. I am struggling with “fitting in” in the Instagram community. I am finding that many of the accounts spend a lot of time creating staged photos of the books they are reading. They seem to use a lot of editing to get that perfect picture. It looks great, but they are obviously not reading their books where they are taking the picture. (an example would be people balancing a cup of coffee and candles on their bed while reading… not likely!) At first I had some fun trying to be creative, but I just don’t see the point in creating that false image just to show what book I am reading. I try to be more authentic, and take pictures in the moment and not create a false image. I have had a bad couple weeks, not reading as much as I usually do and not posting as often. So my goal for this week is to get back on track!



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