Reads by Amy Update- Connecting With Other Book Bloggers and Making New Friends Online

I have stated before that one of my biggest challenges with this project is getting traffic to my book blog Reads by Amy. Katia gave me some good ideas in my midterm feedback so in the next few weeks I am going to focus on trying to make Reads By Amy more interactive to encourage people to participate on the blog. I am also going to commit some more time  to connecting with other book blogs and hopefully gaining some followers.

I found some good tips that relate specifically to book blogs:

8 tips for turning your reading addiction into a book blog 

Book blogging tips

I also had a lot of fun exploring other book blogs. I left some comments and sent my blog link to hopefully draw some other book bloggers to my site. I am learning that the book blogging community is huge and they are very supportive- they interact with one another’s blogs a lot and offer suggestions and advice. I am hoping to make some book blogging friends that can help me out with my blog! Stay tuned for an update…





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