Reads by Amy- Slow and Steady

It’s been awhile since I have updated my stats for Reads by Amy:

Twitter: 30 followers

Instagram: 64 followers

Blog: 17 followers

I was beginning to get frustrated earlier in this project because I was not seeming to get many followers on my blog or other accounts. So I took a bit of a break from watching them really closely and focused some more time on just posting often and interacting with other bloggers. I know that this project isn’t just about getting followers, but for me it’s evidence that people are caring about what I am doing and taking the time to read my reviews and connect with me.


This week I struggled with my latest book review because I didn’t really like the book I had just read, so I was unsure if I should still post about it. All of the books I have reviewed on my blog are ones that I have really enjoyed and would recommend to others, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start posting about ones that I didn’t really love. But in the end I figured even if I didn’t love this book, other people might. (And if I didn’t post it as a review I would have to wait another week until I finished my next book to post a review! And I think the key to keeping followers is to post regularly).

Have you followed my blog yet!? If not check it out! And if you know any other book lovers pass the link on to them, I would appreciate it! 

Thanks and happy reading 🙂




One thought on “Reads by Amy- Slow and Steady

  1. bababritthies says:

    Don’t get discouraged about the number of followers you are getting. Do it for you! PS: I am reading your blog. One thing I have linked to my pages and pages is a Good Reads page. Have you heard of this? If not click on my page ( and then click the little g (I think you may like this website – if you don’t already know about it).


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