Reads by Amy Wrap-Up

Hard to believe the semester has finally come to an end! Although I am hoping that my Reads by Amy learning project has not come to an end, I am planning to continue what I have started and continue posting book reviews.

It’s hard to summarize all that I have done with this project and recap everything into one final artifact. My reflections and experiences throughout the semester can be found in my Major Project category, but here is a quick video I created to show a snapshot of what I have done with Reads by Amy this semester. Enjoy! And be sure to check out if you haven’t had a chance. I would also like to thank all my classmates that offered support during this project and helped to direct traffic to my blog. It was very much appreciated 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reads by Amy Wrap-Up

  1. Koskie says:

    Which was your favourite platform to use? I noticed that YouTube wasn’t one of the platforms– was there a particular reason for this?

    I think it was a great project. I think it’s interesting that you had to read other’s blogs and get involved with a book review online community to gain more traffic, as that’s something I never would have thought of. Did you enjoy that process of connecting with other people?


  2. Frankie says:

    “It looks like the Doozers made it on Fraggle Ro1c2&#82.k;LOL Karen! I was about to comment the same exact thing! I sort of expect Wembley to come along and start snacking on it.


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