Back At It… For The Last Time!

Hey everyone! This is my 3rd class with Alec and Katia- they’re so awesome I keep coming back for more! (But sorry Alec, this time I’m full out #teamkatia.) This is also my very last class in my Master’s program- it has been a long, challenging two and a half years and all my hard work has finally paid off.

This time I am taking the class with my fiance Carter. We live in Moose Jaw and both teach for Holy Trinity Catholic School Division. The third (and most important) member of our family is our dog Lizzie.


Lizzie’s signature look: the one-ear flop 

My passion and interest in educational technology started with the very first class I took from Alec and Katia, ECI 832. I learned SO much and found that I was really interested in everything to do with educational technology, digital citizenship, media literacy, and so much more. Since then I have taken every opportunity to learn more from them in ECI 831 and now in ECI 830. I am looking forward to learning more about some of the issues in educational technology in this class and I think the weekly debates will be a really great way to learn and discuss them.

Last semester in ECI 831 we had a learning project where I created a book blog “Reads by Amy”. Even after the class ended I have been doing my best to keep up with it. If you love books as much as me be sure to check it out!

I am looking forward to this semester and learning from all of you, see you on Tuesday!

You can also find me on twitter @AmyScuka


3 thoughts on “Back At It… For The Last Time!

  1. chalynsmith says:

    I love the freedom and flexibility of the online courses. I love to read as well, but seldom make time for it. I hope to be able to do some pleasure reading this summer. Cheers!


  2. ashleypmurray says:

    Looking forward to working with you in class again. Congrats on the last class and I think it’s way too fun (and cute) that you and Carter get to be in class together!


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