It’s My Opinion and I’m Sticking To It

For this debate it was my team’s turn to argue! We argued AGREE with “Social media is ruining childhood”. We spent many hours looking for research to support our side and after lots of hard work and endless articles and research to support our ideas, we felt ready for our debate. We were so confident we could barely come up with any predictions about what our opposing team would hit us with. But needless to say, they dropped some unexpected points on us and we felt ourselves having to fight and argue for our side more than we had anticipated! Great job Ellen and Elizabeth you really gave us a run for our money and you brought up some really good points! With such a close vote it is clear this is just another issue that people are torn on. (We even confused Alec! Does that count for bonus marks??)

Our agree team focused mainly on the issues of mental health, cyberbullying, and lack of communication that are caused by social media. The disagree team focused on the need to educate kids on proper use of social media and the opportunities it provides. We found ourselves arguing in a circle when it came to the issues of educating kids how to use social media properly. The disagree side argued that it is important to educate students to use it properly because it can be harmful, while we argued it’s harmful (thus ruining childhood) so that’s why we have to educate them. I’m not sure we ever came to a conclusion on that one!

I completely agree that there are some benefits to children using social media, however I stand by my team’s debate and I truly think that it is something so complex that has so many risks that kids should not be using it. Yes we can start educating them on how to use it properly at a young age, but they don’t need to be posting pictures or updates before they can truly understand the extent to who they are sharing this information with and how to find a balance in their life.

I wanted to share the short film we found because it does such a great job of showing some of the realities of social media. It addresses the addiction part, and also that what people post on social media is not always real life.

For our debate we saved the best for last. Logan interviewed some of his highschool students on the argument, and the responses he got were spot on to the research we found. These are some very bright kids and they offer some interesting first-hand insight on their experiences growing up in a social media world.


3 thoughts on “It’s My Opinion and I’m Sticking To It

  1. lccoops says:

    Thank you for your teams work on this important topic. There are a lot of good points for both sides. When you look at some of the harmful affects of social media on today’s youth it is very hard to advocate in favour of social media. I do agree with both teams that education is essential and we want to help our children make good choices in life. If they are educated hopefully they will be able to make good social media choices. I think social media can be a great tool for students, but guidance is key and not just from teachers, but at home too. Thanks for a great debate and lots to think about 🙂


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