Do They Really Care About Learning? Or Just The Money They’re Earning?

(This week’s blog post title is a sneak peek into the Summary of Learning project Carter and I created. Stay tuned!)

I found this weeks debate a difficult one to choose a side. Particularly because there is a wide range of corporations that are involved in the education system and I believe some of them are out to help education as a whole while others are just out to make money. Corporations such as Google seem to be creating resources that are truly making a difference in education and offer opportunities for experiential learning. While companies such as Pearson are focusing on things like tests and making significant amounts of money of each individual student.

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I think one of the biggest factors in this is the relationship between the corporation and the school, as Dean mentioned. I think of Discovery Education as an example and I know that our school division pays a lot of money to have access to their resource, but I also know that if I needed support as a teacher I would be able to talk to someone who would be willing and able to help me.


In summary, I do think that corporations are important in the education system because many of them offer tools and resources we wouldn’t otherwise have. Yes they are still making money off us, but it is in return for something valuable. Whereas the standardized tests Pearson is creating and getting paid for, there is really no value for student learning and the only party who benefits from that is Pearson. Because of this I think it is important for schools and divisions to choose their investments wisely. They need to invest in corporations that are going to give them something useful and meaningful for student learning. They need to build reputable relationships with those corporations that do have student’s best interest in mind


One thought on “Do They Really Care About Learning? Or Just The Money They’re Earning?

  1. carterdavis87 says:

    I agree with you Amy, I had a really tough time on choosing sides as well. There is always corporations that are in it for the money, but also corporations that do benefit education and are there to offer support


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