Connect or Disconnect? Why Not Both?

With the final debate for ECI 830, I find myself yet again unable to commit to the agree or disagree side. Have we become too dependent on technology? Do we need to unplug? Yes and no. I think in some ways we have become dependent on technology and we are missing out on certain things. But at the same time our society revolves around technology and to unplug from that would mean essentially unplugging from our lives, which is unrealistic.

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When out socializing with friends or family, put down your phone. There is no need to check Facebook or text. Live in the moment and participate in the human interaction. But you’re worried about your kids who are home with the babysitter? Leave your phone on, or check in half way through the evening. There is no reason you need to completely unplug. You can be connected, while still interacting and being fully present with the people you are with. This is the balance we need to find and achieve. Be disconnected enough to appreciate the moments you are living, while being connected enough to feel at ease with your responsibilities. Being connected gives us way too many opportunities that we could have only imagined before this age of technology, why give that up? Take advantage of it. But don’t forget to live your life. Tyler admits to the fact that he doesn’t see the need to unplug, nor does he want to. Logan also has similar thoughts and recognizes the benefits of being plugged in. So if you want to unplug- go for it! If you don’t-then don’t! It’s that simple.

This is my 3rd class with Alec and Katia and I find myself having this debate each semester. Even though I don’t agree with her completely, Sherry Turkle has some interesting insights on the debate. Where is the balance between being connected and living in the moment? I don’t think there is a correct answer, I think each and every one of us is responsible to find the balance that works in our lives. Some people’s jobs or families may require them to be connected 24/7 while other people may feel the need to disconnect for periods of time.

Thanks for a great semester ECI 830, have a great summer!


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4 thoughts on “Connect or Disconnect? Why Not Both?

  1. Erin Benjamin says:

    I think they key is being mindful of what is getting your attention at the time. There is no need to disconnect completely. What we need to do is mindfully connect with those around us and value face to face interaction.


  2. dalesh1 says:

    I’d echo the previous comments and added that multi-tasking is perhaps the new art that we need to perfect? What a great blog, you’ve obviously generated some discussions in these comments already !


  3. justinestephanson says:

    Great post Amy! I can relate because I was also conflicted with what side I should choose because both sides made excellent points. I agree that it is unrealistic to unplug completely since we are depend on technology in our daily lives. I think it is important to teach our students about digital etiquette so they know that they need to engage in conversations fully by putting their phones or other devices away. This class has taught me the importance of finding the balance and I think everyone’s balance looks a little bit different for various reasons. I enjoyed learning from you again this semester! I hope you have a wonderful summer Amy!


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