Reads by Amy Wrap-Up

Hard to believe the semester has finally come to an end! Although I am hoping that my Reads by Amy learning project has not come to an end, I am planning to continue what I have started and continue posting book reviews.

It’s hard to summarize all that I have done with this project and recap everything into one final artifact. My reflections and experiences throughout the semester can be found in my Major Project category, but here is a quick video I created to show a snapshot of what I have done with Reads by Amy this semester. Enjoy! And be sure to check out if you haven’t had a chance. I would also like to thank all my classmates that offered support during this project and helped to direct traffic to my blog. It was very much appreciated ūüôā

Reads by Amy- Slow and Steady

It’s been awhile since I have updated my stats for Reads by Amy:

Twitter: 30 followers

Instagram: 64 followers

Blog: 17 followers

I was beginning to get frustrated earlier in this project because I was not seeming to get many followers on my blog or other accounts. So I took a bit of a break from watching them really closely and focused some more time on just posting often and interacting with other bloggers. I know that this project isn’t just about getting followers, but for me it’s evidence that people are caring about what I am doing and taking the time to read my reviews and connect with me.


This week I struggled with my latest book review because I didn’t really like the book I had just read, so I was unsure if I should still post about it. All of the books I have reviewed on my blog are ones that I have really enjoyed and would recommend to others, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start posting about ones that I didn’t really love. But in the end I figured even if I didn’t love this book, other people might. (And if I didn’t post it as a review I would have to wait another week until I finished my next book to post a review! And I think the key to keeping followers is to post regularly).

Have you followed my blog yet!? If not check it out! And if you know any other book lovers pass the link on to them, I would appreciate it! 

Thanks and happy reading ūüôā



Reads by Amy Update- Connecting With Other Book Bloggers and Making New Friends Online

I have stated before that one of my biggest challenges with this project is getting traffic to my book blog Reads by Amy. Katia gave me some good ideas in my midterm feedback so in the next few weeks I am going to focus on trying to make Reads By Amy more interactive to encourage people to participate on the blog. I am also going to commit some more time  to connecting with other book blogs and hopefully gaining some followers.

I found some good tips that relate specifically to book blogs:

8 tips for turning your reading addiction into a book blog 

Book blogging tips

I also had a lot of fun exploring other¬†book blogs. I left some comments and sent my blog link to hopefully draw some other book bloggers to my site. I am learning that the book blogging community is huge and they are very supportive- they interact with one another’s blogs a lot and offer suggestions and advice. I am hoping to make some book blogging friends that can help me out with my blog! Stay tuned for an update…




Reads By Amy- Update

It seems I have been slacking on my weekly blogging about my Reads by Amy blog! Oops…

As of Sunday February 28th here are my stats:

Blog- 421 views       13 followers

Twitter-  21 followers      31 following

Instagram-    59 followers     140 following

My favorite part of this project has been writing the actual book reviews and having people comment on my blog. I have connected with a few other book bloggers with a similar taste in books and have been able to interact with them and get some ideas. I am struggling with “fitting in” in the Instagram community. I am finding that many of the accounts spend a lot of time creating staged photos of the books they are reading. They seem to use a lot of editing to get that perfect picture. It looks great, but they are obviously not reading their books where they are taking the picture. (an example would be people balancing a cup of coffee and candles on their bed while reading… not likely!) At first I had some fun trying to be creative, but I just don’t see the point in creating that false image just to show what book I am reading. I try to be more authentic, and take pictures in the moment and not create a false image. I¬†have had a bad couple weeks, not reading as much as I usually do and not posting as often. So my goal for this week is to get back on track!


Reads by Amy-Week #3

This was a revolutionary week for me! I spent some time reading online and looking for suggestions on how to build your blog community and followers. I found some tips that really helped me and I would recommend checking this article out if you are looking to expand your blog community:

How do you REALLY build a blog community? A love story. 

As I was reading through these, I realized I was missing a few key components. The biggest one was that I was not connecting with other book bloggers. I never would have thought to do this but it makes a lot of sense. I am trying to connect with people who share this passion of mine, so I need to be interacting with them by following their blogs and commenting on their reviews. I have found a handful of blogs to follow this week, and I have really enjoyed looking at other people’s #bookblogs and am learning a lot and getting some new ideas.

This week I also spent some time getting myself more “in the loop” with the book blogging community. There were a couple terms that kept coming up on blogs or instagram that I¬†was not familiar with:

bibliophile– a person who loves or collects books

TBR- “to be read” meaning books you want to read, but have not yet read

I am also finding that there is a large community of #booklovers and #bookbloggers on instagram, but the majority of them are younger people more interest in young adult fiction. They are great accounts to follow for ideas and while I do read some young adult novels, but I am trying to find more people on instagram that are a bit older and read more adult fiction. I think since instagram is typically a platform for younger people, it only makes sense that a lot of the people sharing their love of reading on instagram fit that demographic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.51.11 PM

New books on my TBR list (now that I know what that means!

If you haven’t checked out my Reads by Amy blog, please have a look and let me know if you have any suggestions for me! Here are my current stats:

Instagram: followers-49        following-128

Blog: followers-10          hits-273

Twitter: followers-18       following-28



Reads by Amy- Week #2

Reads by Amy has been up and running for two weeks now, and my community of #booklovers and #bookbloggers is slowly growing! Here are my current stats:

Instagram: followers-49      following-113

Blog: followers-6         hits-234

Twitter: followers-7        following-9

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 1.49.22 PM

Book review from this week


I posted one book review this week. I have decided one book review a week would be ideal, but if possible I would like to get two up (depends how much reading I get done during that week). I am already finding a few challenges with this project, the biggest one is just gathering a group of loyal followers who want to hear what I have to say about the books I am reading. I know it will take time, and it has gotten more attention this week than last week!

Another challenge I am finding is having what you could call “2 identities” online. I created a separate instagram and twitter account for this purpose, which I think was a good idea. But it is slightly annoying to have to manage 2 accounts for both platforms. Anyone else have 2 separate accounts? How do you balance both?

If you haven’t checked out my latest review yet, or my blog, please check it out!

Like to Read? Check out Reads by Amy!

I am very excited about my major project! I have a passion for reading and for a long time I have wanted to start a book blog. I just never had the time or motivation to actually do it. But our major project is the perfect excuse to finally do it!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.45.49 PM

My plan is to blog book reviews regularly, while connecting with other #booklovers on instagram and twitter. This past week I have spent some time exploring other #bookblogs and coming up with ideas for my own. After much time and consideration I decided on the title Reads by Amy. I chose this because it is simple, and the username was available on wordpress, instagram, and twitter to make it easier to connect all 3 platforms.

I have added a couple reviews on my blog in order to have some content before sharing the link with the world. I have written 3 reviews so far, and organized them into categories by genre. I even figured out how to add my instagram, twitter, and goodreads accounts to my blog page.

I thought it would be interesting to track the number of followers I have throughout the semester. Here is my starting point from week 1:

Instagram: followers-8       following-44

Blog: followers-1

Twitter: followers-0       following-3

My next step is going to be “advertising” my #readsbyamy content and connecting with others. So if you love to read be sure to check it out!